We're making an album!

​We've had many requests over the years to produce an album of new material and we're pleased to announce that we've been able to use the recent lockdowns to start the process.

Our first track 'Doomsday' is available to listen to for free at our Soundcloud page.


We are planning to release a full album of new material later this year but we need your help to raise the funds to finish recording, mixing and mastering, plus producing the album on CD and vinyl LP.

We have been thrilled with the postitve response so far to the project idea and the generous donations received.


We were able to get together as a band for the first time in over a year at a church in Derbyshire.  It was the perfect venue to rehearse and record in, plus a great experience to be together as a band once more.


What happens next?


So far we have raised just under £4000 and we estimate the total amount required to finish the project to be around £7500.

All donations received will be used directly for this project and we will send you the finished album as soon as it is available.


Donate £10 we will send you a CD anywhere in the UK

Donate £15 and we'll send a signed CD anywhere worldwide

Donate £20 and we'll send a vinyl LP anywhere in the UK

Donate £25 and we'll send a signed LP anywhere worldwide

Donate £50 or more and we'll include your name in the 'thank-you' section of the sleeve notes.


We'd also welcome suggestions and ideas of other things we could give you in return for other amounts; such as signed posters, t-shirts, private Zoom meetings with the band, meet and greets at future concerts etc.

You can donate via PayPal at our Merchandise page, or please Email us to discuss other options and payment methods.